Is Olive Oil Vegetable Oil?

If a vegetable oil is characterized for containing a very high level of fat acids, then the answer is yes. Olive oil is a vegetable oil.

In addition to this, Olive oil is the richest vegetable oil in monounsaturated fat acids, mainly oleic acid. Oleic acid is so important because it contributes to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Furthermore, Olive Oil contains antioxidants that reinforce the positive effect in our hearth health and in our body in general.

Coming back to monounsaturated fat acids (remember, they help us to grow good cholesterol and take care of our heart), olive oil is composed by 70% of monounsaturated fat acids. Compared to other vegetable oils, peanuts oil has 48% and corn oil 33%, this means, if you are to choose a vegetable oil, try to choose the one with the highest level of good fat acids, for example, a good olive oil!

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