What is arbequina? 🕵️‍♀️

Arbequina olives are small, however very juicy, the taste is pleasingly fruity, harmonious, fragrant and delicate with low levels of bitter and spicy, it can be perceived as sweet.

Properties of Arbequina oil:
🌿Aromatic, it gives fruity aromas.

🌿High in oleic acid, which is helping reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good one at the same time.

Uses of Arbequina oil:
🌿 Very good for breakfast. It fits perfectly with a tomato, jam or even plain bread.

🌿Salads. It fits very good with acid and fruits (kiwis, raisins, apples) and gives the special touch for your salad with veggies.

🌿Snack. Excellent with cheese and bread.

🌿Recommended to use with fish and seafood.

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