Why us


Our Organic Story

Aceites La Casona is a family business that grows 50 hectares of ecologic olive trees located next to the Natural Park of Sierra Magina, (Jaén). Since more than 20 years they are elaborating their oil in their own oil mill. Their aim is towards health and environmental protection, guaranteeing organic oil of an exceptional flavour, free from any synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms.

How does it taste?

Fruity, balanced and aromatic oil, with notes of green leaves, tomato, fig tree and almonds. Intense, opaque green
color, which is typical of freshly extracted Picual variety (not filtered). It’s a premium quality, natural, delicious,
healthy and unrivaled oil with limited production.

Quality Assurance

Oleic acid, the nutritional quality measurement of the oil, is between 81 and 82.4%. High contents in natural  antioxidants (800 mg of  olyphenols per kg of oil in 2018), which confers them a great resistance against oxidation, stability of high nutritional values and cancer prevention. Daily cold pressing within 5 hours after harvesting the fruit, it guarantees high contents in natural anti-oxidants. Produced with the variety of ¨Picual” olives, which contain more than 80% of oleic acid, amongst the highest in the world!

Do not worry for the appearance of sediments or turbidities; they are a guarantee of the presence of polyphenols.